First Snorkel Tour in Dos Ojos / Yal-Ku / Akumal

Summary of my first snorkel tour in Dos Ojos, Yal-Ku lagoon and Akumal.

9AM. Tommy and Sun, a couple coming from North Carolina, on vacations in Cancun, heard about us by Then, they decided to come in Playa del Carmen to spend a day snorkeling with Mexico Blue Dream… Let’s see how it was !
Marie, the guide, was preparing the equipment, while they were asking a lot of questions about “Dos Ojos” cenote.
Laure and Patrice explained tried to reassure them because they did it many times, saying it was easy and beautiful each time !
I joined them to discover the entire excursion…

10AM. When we arrived in Dos Ojos, we saw the Bat Cave, a dark and silent Cave, where you can see lots of bats sleeping !
We wore our fins, mask, snorkel, and we came into the calm and transparent water of the cenote. There are lots of stalagtites and stalagmites into the cenote, some fishes too, and Marie knows the cavern very well, even if it seems easy to get lost ! Sun and Tommy were very good at snorkeling in the cenote, laughing and taking a lot of pictures, wheareas I was impressed about the little space we had sometimes around us.

1PM. Then, we had a little rest and a lunch in a beautiful restaurant, “La buena vida”, where we ate in front of the sea,  and had a good time before moving to the other sites…

2PM. Snorkeling in Yal-Ku was certainly the best experience of the day to me. In the lagoon of Yal-Ku, the water on the surface is little blurry because of the halocline between fresh and salty water mixing together. Take a deep breath, go deeper, and you are going to see lots of beautiful and colorful fishes. Their colors appear distinctly, so beautiful ! Some fishes get around in group, then we could swim with them, it was amazing. We took a lot of pictures too, and you can admire some of those on Mexico Blue Dream website.

4PM. Our last destination was Akumal, the aim was to see a sea turtle. While everybody was looking at us on the beach, we gear up the wet suit and get into the water. Dozens of meters further, we found sea turtles food, sort of algae under water. Now, the quest begins. We had to look around if we could see one. I think it is a matter of luck to see one ! We first saw a big flounder, then we faced to a turtle ! It was huge, and Sun, who saw it first, put her hand up;  so we swim quickly to see it. Tommy succeeded in taking a picture of it, but the sea turtle was afraid because of the noise we did, so the sea turtle ran away. It was impossible to follow it,  so we let it go, and went out of the water…

6PM. On the road to get back to Playa del Carmen, everybody was tired a lot.  Sun was so tired that she slept awhile…
Everybody was happy about the tour, and said that they should do it again…


Amy and Michael got married on the beach !

Our customers Amy and Michael got married last Friday on Playa Del Carmen’s beach. It was so romantic… The bride was so beautiful that Claire thought Amy was a princess…

Congratulations to the newly wed !!

The bride and groom tied the knot.

Amy and Michael wedding

Amy’s and Michael’s family and friends sharing this beautiful wedding.

Amy and Michael wedding

The day after wedding, Marie-Helene, Laure, Patrice, Amy, Michael and Nancy.

After the wedding

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